Calgary Bin Rentals!


Call or email us to rent a waste container! Talk directly with our dispatchers. Tell us what you’ve got going on, and we will help select the right size bin for your waste management needs. If you are outside of Calgary, that’s no problem!


One of our experienced drivers will deliver your container, and place it where requested. We will do it carefully and safely. Waste collection is our life!


Let us know when you are finished with the dumpster rental, or if you need a fresh bin exchange. We’ll get right on it!


DumpRunner has been providing container rental services in the Greater Calgary Area since 2002. The guiding value at the core of our business is the belief that our clients deserve to be recognized as people – treated with respect, and served well. We’re not some faceless corporate entity, but nor are we the little kids on the block.

DumpRunner is large enough to handle your waste management needs, but we’ll still know who you are when you call our office! The act of building relationships with our customers and providing them with great service at highly competitive rates has always been our method of doing business, right from day one.

DumpRunner Waste Systems

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